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The Self-Conversion Phenomenon as A Treatment for Behavior Change 49
Media's Portrayal of an "Ideal" Body Image: Consequences for Young Women's Body Satisfaction and Self-Esteem 22
A History of the 24th Iowa Infantry 1862-1865 22
"Dust and Ashes" The Meridian Mississippi Race Riot of 1871 21
An Evaluation Study of Three Illinois Police Departments Use of Force Training Programs 19
William S. Hamilton, Pioneer in the Old Northwest 17
A Study of the Board of Governors BA Degree Program 17
Redefining Friends and Enemies in British Fantasy: Sidekicks and Anti-Sidekicks in the Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter Series 16
Chinese Settlement in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri 15
The Investigation of Anxiety Sensitivity and Its Relationship with Attachment Among A College Population 15