The Use of a Sampling Device as an Aid to Teaching Manufacturing Process Control

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Bunger, Jeffrey P.
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Western Illinois University
The purpose for this research was to develop a manufacturing process control training device which could improve numerous potentially negative characteristics associated with the use of a Sampling Bowl. Among these characteristics were: large size, hindering portability; open containment, risking loss of population elements, potential classroom disruption or detraction from efficiency in classroom experiments; immoderate cycle times between sample extractions, counting and replacement into the general population. Analysis of existing technology and review of literature, pertaining to process control training devices, resulted in selection of a Sampling Box as a candidate for development. A possible modification to existing designs was conceived; consequently, leading to a more flexible variable, quadropartite sample delivery system. The resultant Sampling Box is lightweight, compact, highly portable and is hermetically sealed. Flexible sample sizes can be rapidly obtained, counted and repeated by merely depressing one lever. A facilitator's manual was developed to supplement the training device by highlighting many of the tests the Sampling Box is designed to recapitulate in use. This training aid is now property of the Industrial Education and Technology Department of Western Illinois University.